FN510 Field Wireless Multi Function Module

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  • Various Input / Output functions:

    Analog input, digital input/output or pulse input are selectable(Measurement code: A).

    ACAI function; from the AC voltage to dedicated accelerometer input, acceleration or velocity can be measured (Measurement code: C).

  • Connect various sensor to the field wireless network:

    This product transmits sensor value acquired from a 4-20 mA analog device (Measurement code: A) or a dedicated accelerometer (Measurement code: C) to the host system via field  wireless network.

  • Installation flexibility:

    Cable elimination allows installing a device at locations where it was previously either inaccessible or cost-prohibitive because of cable management and cost.

  • Small and lightweight housing with LCD:

    This product has a small and lightweight housing with a built-in LCD that displays the process data and communication status.


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