Removable Chassis DX1000N

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DAQManager DX250 (sold separately)

Data Management Software for Paperless Recorders


DAQManager is a software program that enables you to manage measured data from DAQstation and MVAdvanced paperless recorders on a PC. Data loaded onto DAQManager can be quickly and easily searched by date/time, tag name, batch name, and other criteria. Channels recorded on different instruments and at different intervals can be displayed in the same trend graph.

* DAQManager does not support models with the advanced security function option (/AS1).

  • Indexing to Enable Quick Searches
  • Variety of Graphs
  • Easy Data Loading/Importing
  • Data Auto Merge

DAQStudio DXA170 (sold separately)

Custom Screen Building Software

Builder software lets you edit and create custom display screens on a PC. You can send and receive layout data, and easily edit and create objects.

  • Send/receive layout data for custom display screen objects (via Ethernet or CF card)
  • Display custom display screens, build new screens, and edit existing screens
  • Save/load settings and edited data files



DAQSTANDARD is a standard software package included with the DXAdvanced. It can be used to print or redisplay historical data files saved by the DXAdvanced unit or transferred through FTP.

DAQWORX (sold seperately)

DAQWORX is a data acquisition software suite that integrates Yokogawa recorders, data acquisition instruments, and measurement instruments.


DAQEXPLORER is a dedicated software program for the DX, CX, and MV that offers a combination of file transmission, PC-based monitoring, and other functions in addition to the DAQSTANDARD functions. It provides easy access to the wide array of DXAdvanced networking functions.

Features and Benefits

DAQWORX allows users to assemble a data acquisition system using Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, the temperature controllers, measuring instruments without the need for programming. For adding functionality, DAQWORX offers an integrated data acquisition software system, allowing customers to connect high added-value software to their existing data acquisition systems to easily expand the range of supported applications.

Integrated Package

  • Intergrate recorders, controllers, and measuring instruments

Product Specific Package

  • Bring out the best of each product
  1. DAQ32Plus (for Darwin series)
  3. DAQEXPLORER (for DX, CX, and MVAdvanced/MV)

Common Software

  • DataBrowser

Data Logging Software GA10 (sold separately)

A data logging software application that enables Ethernet and serial communication to be used simultaneously. A mixture of DXAdvanceds, DARWIN data acquisition units, and uR recorders can be combined (100 units total) to achieve data acquisition of 2000 channels.


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