SL1000 High Channel Count ScopeCorder

تماس بگیرید


Speed of managing and acquiring data is the highlight of the SL1000.

Fast Acquisition

  • Up to 100 MS/s on all channels (10 ns sampling interval)
  • ۱۰۰ MS/s 12-Bit 1 kV¹ isolation module with 20 MHz bandwidth

Supports parallel testing: Perform measurements with up to four simultaneously independent sample rates

Fast Transfer and Storage

Stream data to PC via high speed USB 2.0 or 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet²

Real time display on a PC (GIGAZoom engine)³

Stream data to a PC hard disk or the SL1000’s internal hard disk² in real time (at speeds of 1.6 MS/s = 100 kS/s x 16ch)³

Easy to use

Easy to use Standard Acquisition Software

Quick and Intuitive operation means that you can start measuring immediately

Setup Wizard guides you through detailed settings

Can operate “Standalone”

Store data directly on the SL1000

Wide Library of Plug-In Modules

Eight module slots are available in each unit

Select from twelve different plug-in modules

¹: In combination with 10:1 probe (for isolated BNC input) model 702902 or 700929

²: Optional

³: Speed depends on PC performance and measuring conditions.


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